Keno Instant Expert Strategy Guide

Although it has been overtaken by online slots and scratchcards in best-rated UK casinos, Keno is still quite popular in the world of online gaming. After it was launched in 1933, the title has transformed into a numbers game reminiscent of the lottery. If by chance you hit the lucky draw, there is a lot of money to be made. UK players should, however, keep in mind that securing the bag does not come easy. But, don't let the heavy lifting involved in winning this game scare you away. Our Keno quick strategy guide is designed to be a practical assistant to the novice player looking to master the classic casino game.

Keno Quick Strategy Guide for UK

For decades, brilliant mathematics minds have tried to come up with a strategy to beat Keno winning odds with no luck. Although no known approach can overthrow the house advantage, players can still reduce this advantage and maximize their enjoyment. With that being said, let's unwrap a quick game plan that may increase your odds of hitting a lucky streak.

  1. Even with a strategy, most Keno odds are quite unfavourable. As such the first step closer to a win is to shop around for the best variants and prizes. Unlike government lottery games, every casino has its own rules. You'll notice that some gaming platforms add progressive prizes. The beauty of online gaming is that you can easily find the game with the best odds without going on a world tour. For example, live casinos have the worst payout percentage in the house ranging from 60% to 70%. Online casinos offering bonus codes for UK players, on the other hand, have slightly higher payouts.
  2. Seasoned lotto players are most-likely familiar with the consecutive numbers approach. Keno fanatics swear that you have better odds of hitting the jackpot with consecutive numbers than non-consecutive ones. This particular Keno winning strategy has no justification, but a casual observance of the draw somehow testifies to the logic.
  3. A common mistake made by punters is to plunge right into real money play without a trial. It's always a good idea to play a demo version to get hold of the game. Master your skills and learn the best tips on how to improve your winning odds before investing the real money play.
  4. Be super observant and look for patterns in the draw. Keep a record of the winning numbers to establish a pattern. Lottery games are not a numerology scam, some numbers do repeat. Add them to your gameplan use in the future.
  5. Whatever strategy you choose, Keno remains a luck-based game with fixed probabilities. With that in mind, it only makes sense to change your number-picking methods no more than once a month. We've heard of UK players who bet the same numbers for years before hitting the mind-blowing amount. Others strike it big the moment they tryout new numbers. After careful consideration, you'll realise that you have three options--Play similar numbers constantly, play figures that haven't been hit lately, or play numbers that have been hit recently.

Adapt to Different Game Variants

Gone are the days when you had to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to access the best gaming opportunities. Today, an array of UK online casinos host a plethora of Keno variations. The good news is that you can play for way more at the comfort of your home than at any land-based casino. At first, the experience of online gaming may be a bit confusing and unusual, but you'll find the best budget-friendly variations that correspond to your Keno winning strategy.

  1. The Straight Ticket: Surveys suggest that the best strategy for a Keno straight-ticket variation involves selecting between 4 and 8 numbers.
  2. Way Tickets and Combination Tickets: an ideal way to score on this variation is to buy combination tickets whenever you're considering betting on more than a single game. Not only does it present better winning odds but it's also budget-friendly.
  3. King and Split Tickets: your game plan should entail making use of split-tickets whenever you're playing several games, each with its set of numbers.
  4. Caveman / Cleopatra Ken/ Super / Power : these variations pose an increased level of difficulty. However, every game is based on probability. So pick any strategy for a Keno lucky win!

Summing Up

With jaw-dropping amounts involved in the game, punters often go the whole nine yards to find the most effective strategy for winning Keno. Unfortunately, being successful in this game does not come easy. Many variables go into gambling on a game of luck, and there's no way of predicting the correct outcome. However, no matter how small, there's always a way to get an edge in the game. It also helps that Keno is a game of magic, and the thrill does not only come from yielding mega-millions but basking in the wide range of variations on offer.