Video Poker Instant Expert Strategy Guide

Since taking the gaming industry by storm back in the 70s, video poker has grown from strength to strength to become an online gaming front-runner. To this day, the game remains a trail-blazer winning the hearts of punters worldwide. This version of poker is one of only a handful of games that present the highest odds in casino gambling and a chance for players to use different strategies to manipulate the game outcome. This, however, does not translate to easy wins. The trick to rack in some money lies in understanding different types of variants available to you and crafting a solid video poker gaming strategy. Our guide explores the best ways to play the game better and boost your winning odds.

Video Poker Winning Strategy Guide for UK Casino Players

A common mistake often made by newbies is to plunge into the game by guessing. Unlike with casino games like slots, winning on poker does not completely depend on luck. The outcome of a poker game also relies on a player's skill and approach. Let's unwrap some best ways to increasing your chances of rolling in more wins than losses:

  • Choose a high RTP game: You'll lose a lot of money quickly if you play on a machine with a high house edge. Thankfully, casino games have known return to player percentages. You can, therefore, easily locate the table with the desired payout, depending on your gameplan. It's advisable to choose a table with the lowest house edge as you are guaranteed close to full pay.
  • Understand the game: In fear of sounding redundant, a solid strategy for video poker is based on sound understanding. Video poker has many variants like Bally's All American, Jacks Or Better, Joker's Wild, Tens Or Better, Deuces Wild, and Bonus Poker. Each game is slightly different. So not being aware of small variations can save you from suffering disappointing losses.
  • Practice: Practice makes perfect! The statement is also true to online casino gaming. Numerous casinos offer demos with great bonus terms, so take advantage and practise your video poker gaming strategy in the comfort of your home. Although there is some degree of luck involved, the familiarity of playing can stand you in good stead.
  • Manage your bankroll: A key factor in gambling is your bankroll. Without money, you're down and out. Before you hit the casino floor, it's wise to go through your pocket to determine how much you plan to spend. Budget your money according to individual bets or as an overall sum.
  • Keep betting records: Keep a record of all your wins and losses and how much you spent on each game. You can easily get swept up in the euphoria of a big win or the downheartedness of a cold streak. Dwelling on your losses will only lead to more losses. Similarly, don't let a recent winning streak sway you from the plan. To find success, stay analytical and stay on top of your bankroll management.

Strategy Based on Game Variants

The most effective video poker gaming strategy varies from game to game. As noted earlier, poker variants have slight gameplay differences that may put your gameplan off the mark. Don't shoot yourself on the foot by using the same across the board. Tweak your tactics according to the type of game you're playing. Be careful to do adequate research on the specific variants to avoid accumulating major losses.

To come up with an effective game plan for Jacks or Better, make sure you play for a royal flush, straight flush and four of a kind. Alternatively, 4 cards to a royal flush; full House, flush straight, 3 of a kind; 4 cards to a straight flush; 3 cards to a royal flush.

The optimal plan for bonus poker is similar to that of Jacks or Better. Using the same gameplan, you'd be only giving up less than 0.2%. Bonus Poker is, however, not as popular as the former due to the low payout percentage. Taking this into account, Jacks or Better proves a superior game Jacks or Better.

The game is one of the easiest poker variants. Poker Joker presents you with 2 basic charts - one to follow if your hand includes the main card, a joker and another if it doesn't.

Summing Up Video Poker at the Top British Casinos

A highly rewarding game leaving nothing to chance, it's no wonder poker is in demand in top-rated UK online casinos. Punters are allowed the opportunity to improve their chances of winning or decrease the house edge. As if that is not enough, the game allows you to play alone absent of any live poker psychological pressure. As exciting as this may sound, there is still some heavy lifting necessary to score big. Carefully developing a winning strategy for video poker takes into account the different game rules and return to player percentages. Overall, you'll have a higher chance of being successful with a full-on strategy rather than leave everything to chance.